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TeleMedC is a diagnostic imaging solutions company that uses sophisticated retinal imaging. Our primary objective is to provide low-cost diagnostic solutions for point-of-care screening and virtual management of eye and chronic diseases, throughout the world. We're working on bringing portable hardware, along with highly sophisticated automated local and cloud-based software, to the worldwide market.

What We Do

Currently we are working with primary care providers, community clinics, and pharmacies to deliver low-cost, fully automated, portable, retinal image grading technologies with our Eye Scan. Used in virtual medical consultations, screening, monitoring for diagnosis and prevention of sight threatening and chronic diseases using retinal imaging; such as Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Stroke, Hypertension and Macular Degeneration.

The TeleMedC Team


Para Segaram

CEO, Founder & Chair of Board

Mr. Segaram is a former Founder, Chairman and CEO of a vast number of companies. Having spent over 28 years in the Semiconductor, Electronics and Software industries, along with extensive management experience.
Throughout his career Mr. Segaram has not only adapted but pioneered new technologies. He has a solid technical knowledge as well as deep understanding of what is required for a company to succeed. Mr. Segaram continues to adapt to the ever changing nature of engineering, particularly to the development of new platforms for the Software Industry.
Mr. Segaram holds an MSEE, from the UK and has been granted over 35 worldwide patents within the various areas of Electronics' hardware & software Engineering.

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Regulatory Certification Approved by: ISO 13485, TGA, HSA & CE

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