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Diabetic Retinopathy

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The DR Grader ™️ diabetic retinopathy screening system features an automatic image grading/storage/forward platform and a long-term retinopathy prediction for patients. The deep learning-based DR grading system (DLS) is based on deep learning models, and provides severity grading of DR in line with ETDRS Guidelines .


We are the 1st diabetic retinopathy AI software that was approved in Singapore and Australia, and now also approved for sale in the European Union.


DR Grader consistently achieves between 92%-100% for both sensitivity and specificity, making it world class leading in terms of accuracy.


DR GRADER is a key enabler in making fast and efficient diabetic retinopathy screening possible for primary care providers, diabetes clinics, optical shops and rural clinics, allowing them to track the patient’s health conditions over time and identify referable DR patients.

DR Grader Workflow

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