Accuracy and reliability of our services
Our DR Lite is one of the most accurate image diagnostic AI services in the world with an accuracy of 97% sensitivity and 92% specificity.

List of AI Services

DR Lite

DR Lite ™️ diabetic retinopathy screening system is a fast DR “Disease/No Disease” grading system which makes it easy to assist patient “Referral/No Referral” decision in clinics.  The deep learning based DR grading system (DLS) is based on deep learning models, with the sensitivity of 97% and specificity of 92% for DR “Disease” Grading. The referral patients will be referred to further human grading or directly to see a specialist. The non-referral patients just need to follow regular examination.

DR Full

The DR Full ™️ diabetic retinopathy screening system combines an automatic image grading/storage/forward and a long-term retinopathy prediction for patients. The DR Full approach is based on deep learning models and machine learning models. We are the 1st diabetic retinopathy AI software approved in Singapore and Australia. The consistent performance is over 92%-100% for both “DR disease” sensitivity and specificity. It also provides DR level indications, DR lesion distribution indications and integrates human audition function. Our DR Full makes diabetic retinopathy screening possible for primary care providers, diabetes clinics, optical shops and rural clinics to track patients' health conditions overtime and identify referable DR patients if necessary.

C/D Ratio

C/D Grader is an AI-based system to detect glaucoma abnormal conditions. It provides automatic optical disc and cup segmentation and cup-disc-ratio (CDR) calculation for screening for suspected glaucoma.

Coming Soon...

AMD Lite

A fast screening system that provides a yes/no solution to end users’ AMD condition. Normal and Early AMD are graded as a “No” while Intermediate and Advanced AMD are graded as a “Yes”.