Dry Eye
What is dry eye?


Dry eyes occur when your eyes lack lubrication from adequate and good-quality tears. It is a common condition with prolonged exposure to computers and mobile devices, and occurs frequently in the elderly. Symptoms include dry eye sensation, burning, stinging, itching, pain, and fatigue. Dry Eye syndrome are sometimes linked to various medical diseases, but is most frequently due to tear deficiency or excessive evaporation.

Our Solutions

hardware & software

D2 Scanner

The D2 Scanner is a non-invasive, low-cost, pocket-sized, rechargeable smartphone-based device with a smartphone app to automatically screen, record and analyse dry eyes. It is a tool specifically designed to benefit patients for dry eye disease screening and monitoring in a clinical or pharmaceutical environment, or from home.

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Dry Eye App (Coming Soon)

Dry Eye App is a smartphone app working with our D2 Scanner to screen and monitor dry eye disease. The app provides patient data management, dry eye questionnaire, front eye video recording, and dry eye-related analysis and measure functions. It helps patients monitor their dry eye conditions and do self-management.

Phase 1: clinical trial