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DR Grader – Diabetic Retinopathy

A screening system that combines automatic image-grading, store-and-forward, and long-term retinopathy health prediction for patients. This AI based (deep and machine learning approaches) DR grading system has been integrated as a part of our telemedicine system and provides end users with an image-uploading, automatic multi-level grading and diagnostic reporting solution. This software is approved with regulatory certification.

  • Deep learning method for image quality assessment

  • Deep learning method for left/ right eye identification

  • Deep learning method for DR “disease/ no disease” classification

  • Rule-based and machine learning method for DR lesion (microaneurysms, intraretinal hemorrhages, and hard exudates) segmentation and “urgent referral” recommendation.

  • Clinically validated with high sensitivity and specificity.

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Regulatory Certification Approved by: ISO 13485, TGA, HSA & CE

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