AI-Powered health diagnostics.
We provide a platform that connects patients to medical specialists with retinal image diagnostics services to identify diseases.

TeleEye MD


The TeleEye MD is a mobile enabled technology with fully automated eye screening for mass markets. It is designed to connect screening locations, patients and doctors around the world. This is a telemedicine system for remote diagnosis and patient education where store-and-forward transmission and data archiving could be done with ease. It has been tested and trialed in multiple clinical environments across Australia and around the world. The DR Lite, Dr Grader and C/D Ratio can be assessed through TeleEye MD.


- Instant report with AI
- 97% Accuracy (Reliable & Proven)
- Cheap, Low-cost, Affordable
- Revolutionary Solution
- Cutting Edge Technology


- Understand your own health
- Patient is more informed
- Identify risks early,
- Get treated early


- Enterprise Solutions
- Better Service at low-cost
- Aggregated Dashboard (Soon)
- Data Analysis/ Patient Monitoring


- Get audited by highly
   professional specialists
- Simple auditing workflow
- Other potential diseases
   including Glaucoma, Cataract, etc.

The Workflow.

a step by step overview of our system


Drag and drop retinal images to our web platform for analysis.


We provide real-time processing of retinal images and exam results.


You can download the exam reports and add more services as you like.

We offer retinal image diagnostics solutions.


diabetic retinopathy

A simple and quick deep learning solution that performs retinal image grading and provides end users with automatic and quick yes/no solution to your each of your eye's diabetic retinopathy condition.

DR Grader

diabetic retinopathy

A screening system that combines automatic image-grading, store-and-forward, and long-term retinopathy health prediction for patients.
Rule-based and machine learning method for DR lesion (microaneurysms, intraretinal hemorrhages, and hard exudates) segmentation and “urgent referral” recommendation.

G Grader


A screening system that combines the automatic image-grading solution with automated Cup-Disc ratio (CDR) & thermal mapping for detecting Glaucoma abnormal condition.
- Deep learning method for optic disc localisation.
- Deep learning method for disc and cup segmentation.
- CDR calculation and enlarged cup indication.