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EyeScan R2

TeleMedC's portable desktop EyeScan R2 device comprises of a fully automated ophthalmic diagnostic imaging hardware with smart software interface for both anterior and posterior segments for the diagnosis and grading of common eye and chronic illnesses. Our focus is to provide a true low cost imaging device for screening and grading of common eye and chronic illnesses.

Foot Check App

The Foot Check App aims to help the GPs in managing diabetic patients more effectively and give more power to healthcare nurses in monitoring the health condition of diabetic patients and conducting their periodic foot screening. It is mobile technology enabled with fully automated alerts via SMS and mobile App. This mobile application also helps the patients to manage diabetes more effectively by providing them access to their health records through an electronic health system and allowing them to access their foot screening results conveniently after the completion of foot check.

D2 Scanner

The D2 Scanner is a non-invasive, low-cost, pocket-sized, rechargeable smartphone-based device with a smartphone app to automatically screen, record and analyse dry eyes. It is a tool specifically designed to benefit patients for dry eye disease screening and monitoring in a clinical or pharmaceutical environment, or from home.

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Dry Eye App

Dry Eye App is a smartphone app working with our D2 Scanner to screen and monitor dry eye disease. The app provides patient data management, dry eye questionnaire, front eye video recording, and dry eye-related analysis and measure functions. It helps patients monitor their dry eye conditions and do self-management.

Mobile Imaging Device

Cataract mobile imaging device is a smartphone-based cataract screening device based on red-reflex testing of the anterior eye image. The technology allows for accurate measurements and visual confirmation with high-resolution images even through dense cataracts.

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IOP Device

The IOP device is a non-contact, self-administered, highly reproducible IOP-measuring device which could be used by patients multiple-times a day in the home setting. The device is for monitoring of intra-Ocular Pressure with less calibration in any testing position.

Angle Closure Grading

Angle closure symptoms including ocular or periocular pain, reduced vision with halos, eye redness and nausea or vomiting. There are three currently accepted categories for angle-closure disease: primary angle-closure suspect, primary angle-closure and angle-closure glaucoma.

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Visual Field

The Visual Field is a user-friendly, portable and reliable automated perimetry device for reliable measures visual field and peripheral visual field testing for early detection of glaucoma.