Coming Soon

Keratoconus Scanner

Keratoconus Scanner is soon to be available on an IOT device that uses sophisticated AI algorithms to detect keratoconus in sufferers with distortions in placido ring projections. Providing a disease severity solution within a couple of minutes, Keratoconus Scanner is a useful tool for mass screening.    


The Red Reflex is an IOT device powered by an AI algorithm to detect the presence of cataract via “yes” or “no” solution. Applied with great success in the maternity wards of hospitals, The Red Reflex can detect cataract presence in newborn infants and does not have to be operated by ophthalmologically trained personnel.

Cataract Scan

Powered by AI algorithms soon to be available, Cataract Scan intuitively determines cataract type and severity. Cataract Scan is a powerful AI grading tool for use in the field to determine cataract presence and urgency of extraction.

Visual Field VR

Unlike any visual field device on the market, TeleMedC’s Visual Field VR measures a patient’s scope of vision via revolutionary AI Algorithms embedded within a VR headset. Effectively measuring a patient’s peripheral vision, Visual Field VR detects latent defects and enables the swift diagnosis of disease processes that affect the visual pathways.