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Who are we


TeleMedC provides regulatory approved, comprehensive eye screening leveraging on AI technology.
Hardware: portable low-cost ophthalmic devices with built-in AI
Software: validated and proven AI-driven analytics Mobile
App: point-of-care results, patient education and telemedicine

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What we do


At TeleMedC, we are working with primary care providers, community clinics, and pharmacies to deliver low-cost, fully automated, portable, retinal image grading technologies with our Eye Scan. Used in virtual medical consultations, screening, monitoring for diagnosis and prevention of sight threatening and chronic diseases using retinal imaging; such as Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Stroke, Hypertension and Macular Degeneration.

Popular Solutions.


TeleEye MD

The DR Grader ™️ diabetic retinopathy screening system features an automatic image grading/storage/forward platform and a long-term retinopathy prediction for patients. The deep learning-based DR grading system (DLS) is based on deep learning models, and provides severity grading of DR in line with ETDRS Guidelines

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EyeScan R2

We understand that speed is important for the high volumes expected for community level screening and we have developed DR Lite, which offers binary decision output suitable for referral in seconds. DR Lite is based on DR Grader, which is our world class leading DR grading software, offering the same levels of sensitivity and specificity. The difference is that DR Lite tells the operator in seconds whether the patient has a referral condition (Disease/No Disease).

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D2 Scanner

TheD2 Scanner is a non-invasive, low-cost, pocket-sized, rechargeable smartphone-based device with a smartphone app to automatically screen, record and analyze dry eyes. Our D2 Scanner is a tool specifically designed to screen and monitor for dry eye disease.

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We offer retinal image diagnostics solutions.


diabetic retinopathy

A simple and quick deep learning solution that performs retinal image grading and provides end users with automatic and quick yes/no solution to your each of your eye's diabetic retinopathy condition.

DR Grader

diabetic retinopathy

A screening system that combines automatic image-grading, store-and-forward, and long-term retinopathy health prediction for patients.
Rule-based and machine learning method for DR lesion (microaneurysms, intraretinal hemorrhages, and hard exudates) segmentation and “urgent referral” recommendation.

G Grader


A screening system that combines the automatic image-grading solution with automated Cup-Disc ratio (CDR) & thermal mapping for detecting Glaucoma abnormal condition.
- Deep learning method for optic disc localisation.
- Deep learning method for disc and cup segmentation.
- CDR calculation and enlarged cup indication.