A platform that connects patients to medical specialists with retinal image diagnostics services to identify diseases.


The TeleEye MD is a mobile enabled technology with fully automated eye screening for mass markets. It is designed to connect screening locations, patients and doctors around the world. This is a telemedicine system for remote diagnosis and patient education where store-and-forward transmission and data archiving could be done with ease. It has been tested and trialed in multiple clinical environments across Australia and around the world. The DR Lite, Dr Grader and C/D Ratio can be assessed through TeleEye MD.

Healthcare Dashboard

Allows General Practioners to track their patients' data and get updates on urgent cases.

Comprehensive Exam Report

Allows patients to download their exam report to be more informed of their health condition. Identify risks early, get treated early.

Services Included

DR Lite

Provides a Yes or No solution to each eye's condition

DR Full

Provides the severity level of each eye's condition

C/D Ratio

Provides the cup-disc-ratio (CDR) and condition for each eye

AMD Lite

Provides a Yes or No solution to each eye's condition


End users can choose to get audited by highly professional specialists in a simple auditing workflow to evaluate AI results and discover potential eye diseases such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, cataract, and other abnormalities.

Risk Prediction

Provides the patient's risk for developing a DR or STDR

Overall Workflow