An innovative platform designed to house RetinoScan results, provide RetinoScan Advanced monitoring and facilitate referrals, care coordination and AI powered alerts.

Web and Mobile Based

TeleEyeMD is a web and mobile platform designed for use by both patients and Health Care Providers. The platform coordinates RetinoScan, RetinoScan Advance and referral pathways and reminders to improve eye health outcomes.

Monitoring and Management

TeleEye MD enables the intelligence of RetinoScan Advance which determines disease severity, conducts lesion measurement and monitoring services.


TeleEye MD depicts, analyses and coordinates the patient journey to support both the patient and practitioner

Detailed, real-time information

The platform's AI powered algorithms depict each patient’s chronological disease progression. This provides the patient’s medical care team with detailed, real-time patient information and insight into the patient’s health journey.

Intelligent Care Coordination

The telemedicine referral pathway connects the patient with the required Health Practitioners through the platform. Patients gain access to Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, General Practitioners, Endocrinologists, Dieticians and Sight Loss Associations with ease.